Riverside Community Trust

Riverside’s Care & Share has been in operation since February 2008.

During that time it has developed from a small afternoon club for people in homelessness to a multi-faceted support service for people dealing with a range of crises. Our weekly drop-in provides a weekly meal and access to a range of professional services e.g. housing support, benefit advice, credit union, community addiction nurses, furniture recycling, counselling, personal support and more.

The project became part of a new charity Riverside Community Trust in April 2016. The main reasons for forming this trust were;

  • Good Governance – Up until it’s formation all legal responsibility for Care & Share sat with the church elders who are also the trustees of the church. With the growth of Care & Share it makes sense to share this responsibility and to manage any potential liability.
  • Acts 6 – This division of responsibility is in line with the practice of the apostles (the early church leaders) in Acts 6. It frees the elders from the responsibilities of overseeing Care & Share and to focus on issues such as teaching, discipleship, pastoral care, evangelism etc.
  • Staff Support & Accountability – The Board of Trustees were chosen with the right mix of knowledge, skills, and experience to support the staff, help projects adapt and develop, and hold staff ( and one another) accountable.
  • Funding – Despite a difficult financial climate , our main funders have continued to sponsor the work of Care & Share. However, there is a need to diversify our sources of funding. Being ¬†separate charity with its own accounts, etc will assist in attracting new sponsors.

You can find out more about Riverside Community Trust by clicking on the above logo or by going to our Facebook page.

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