Instructions to Edit Details on ChurchSuite

To help make things easier at this time when the church office is closed we  would be obliged if church members and friends are able to change their own details on ChurchSuite.  I have detailed how to do this in the following simple steps.

  1. After logging into ChurchSuite you are taken to the welcome page. In the rectangular box on the bottom left corner where your details are shown select the ‘pencil’ icon at the top right hand corner of the details box.
  2. You will next be presented with a page showing your name, address and other details. These can be changed by typing over the existing details in the relevant boxes. Once you have made the changes select or click on the ‘save changes’ button and the details will be updated.
  3. You will also see, apart from the details tab, a further 3 tabs.
  • Login – allows you to amend your sign in details i.e. email address and also change your password if required.
  • The Privacy tab allows you to change what other people see on ChurchSuite. For example, if all 4 boxes are selected with a check mark all your details address, phone, mobile and email details will be visible to everyone. If you deselect these then none of your details will be visible to others on ChurchSuite.
  • The Communication tab allows you to choose how the church contacts you. Select the relevant box to allow us to communicate with you as required.

Can I recommend during the current Coronavirus outbreak, when we cannot meet as a church, that in order to be able to keep in touch with you, if you haven’t done so already you select the receive emails or receive phone calls. This can be changed back to your preferred settings after the crisis is over.

If you are a regular attender at the church but are not signed up to have your details published on ChurchSuite please complete the Data Protection Form by selecting the link below. This will also give you the option to choose how you would like us to contact you.

If you still have questions or you are unable to make the changes per the above guidelines then contact the church office on 262686. Alternatively if you click on the  ChurchSuite logo it will take you to the ChurchSuite support page

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