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Our People

Church is all about people. Meet our Leadership and Staff Teams here.

Staff Team

Ian Gall

Ian is our jack of all trades Pastor. He loves a good fish supper and proper coffee. You can find him bringing us the message, visiting church members or reluctantly supporting Killie!

Jim Cobb

Jim is the man who can, our administrator. You can find him in his office, running about church trying to catch everyone or following Super Ayr!

Leadership Team

Gordon Anderson

Gordon loves a good old hymn. You'll find him behind the piano, bringing the message or writing small group material!

David Clipston

David loves a good illustration. You'll find him hanging out with our young people, bringing the message or making sure the Live Stream works!

Chris Finlay

Chris is our maestro behind the scenes. You'll find him designing our new church building or taking on a starring role in Explorer dramas!

Bruce Bunten

Bruce is our guru for all things health and safety. You'll find him making sure our building is safe, keeping our finances in order or coordinating Riverside Community Trust!

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