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Here at Riverside Church we want to invest in our children and young people to help them be closer to God and become the best they can be. So there are regular youth events going on through out the year that young people can choose to be part of.  If you are S1-S6, or have a young person that age, and are looking for a place to belong then we’d love for you to join us.

So what is what on our programme?

  • Socials run occasional Fridays or Saturdays. If you can imagine it we’ll do it.  Just as long as its fun and we’re safe, we’ll be up for it.

  • Youth on Sunday evenings is a place where we take time to spend time in God’s presence together. We do this through worship, exploring different topics of faith and digging deeper into our relationship with God through fun, creativity and interactive sessions. Having a laugh but also being serious about gaining a deeper understanding of our God and our faith.

  • Bible Study pretty much do what it says on the box. They usually run in homes on a Wednesday evening. It is a time of worship, contemplation and study with lots of opportunity to dissect the bible in more detail.

  • Ayrshire events with other local churches includes the Ayrshire Youth Worship Night, Outings and an annual Weekend Away.

  • SU (Scripture Union) Weekends are a great way to get to know other young people who love Jesus and want to grow closer to Him. We have the opportunity to join these week/ends away throughout the year.

  • Magnitude Festival is a new very exciting 5 day youth conference that runs at Lendrick Muir, Kinross during the summer holiday.  It involves camping, lots of worship, good teaching and great food (because we have amazing cooks).

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