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Our Values

A church with the cross of Jesus at its heart

A church which believes that only the Cross makes us acceptable to God. The Cross shows us how loved we are. The Cross shows us how we are to love.

A church that values the Word of God

A church which believes that to grow we need to feed on God's Word and apply it to our everyday lives. We need to help one another, encourage one another and hold one another accountable. Everything we believe and do should be tested against the Word of God.

A truly trinitarian church

A church that upholds the doctrine of the trinity and believes we are loved by God the Father, brought into relationship through Jesus the Son (who continues to intercede for us) and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

A generous church

A church committed to giving our time, possessions and finances to help those in need.

An outward-looking church

A church that is committed to loving our neighbours, near and far; learning from their experiences and seeking to meet practical as well as spiritual needs. Building partnerships (or alliances) at home and abroad in order to serve holistic needs.

A church committed to planting and growing 'churches'

A church which, in order to see people coming to Christ and becoming established in Christian community, will be creative about how we can plant small churches / groups in communities where people belong.

A church where the fruit of the Spirit is

A church which exhibits 'love, joy, peace, pateince, kindess, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control' (Galatians 5: 22-23).

A church of prayer

A church which offers a variety of opportunities to both pray and be prayed for. A church that encourages corporate and personal prayer as both a discipline and a joy. Praying for the needs of individuals, our local community and our neighbours around the world.

A church committed to sharing Jesus

A church which includes the training (discipleship) of our own members to assist them on their 'frontlines', but also includes organising, involving ourselves in and helping to resource initiatives that seek to introduce people to Jesus.

A church that cares for creation

A church which makes wise use of our resources, being environmentally sensitive and doing all that we can to be good stewards of God's creation.

A welcoming church

A church generous enough to adjust our habits, style and structures to help 'outsiders' and the next generation met with and develop a relationship with Jesus.

A church committed to one another's inclusion, welfare and growth

A church that practices hospitality  that intentionally looks out for those 'on the edges' and seeks to ensure that they are included. A church where members recognise their responsibility to care for one another and pray for one another.

A church of small groups

A church which meets regularly to build community, develop discipleship and reach out beyond the confines of our own fellowship.

A church that invests in Young People

A church which sees young people as an integral part of the church, investing in their discipleship and providing opportunities for them to service the wider church and community.

A whole-life church

A church of disciples who see all of life as an opportunity to honour, worship and serve our Lord.

A church committed to restoration and recovery

A church which is a community of intentional grace, a church of second chances, a church that welcomes, loves and values everyone (especially those who find it hard to value themselves), a church of holistic care and concern.

A church leadership that equips

A church which is committed to encourage and assisting members in testing and fulfilling their calling by practical instruction, demonstration and encouragement.

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